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Our Aggressive Discounting Protocol: 

The A Class

Military Personnel, Police Officers and other Law Enforcement /  First Responders, who risk their lives, and often have a target on their backs, when they put on their uniforms/official attire each day! These brave men and women are a CLASS ACT (hence our “A” Class). These American Heroes truly deserve more than we are capable of doing for them! 


The B Class

Hard-working people, in other noble professions, such as nursing, education, small business owners, working students with student loan debt, and others in sincere need…also deserve a generous discount on our services, of a far greater proportion than any other vendor would be willing to provide!  In fact, many of our professional peers have told us that we’re “NUTS” and even “off the deep-end,” as one once put it!!! Oh well, we proudly confess we are guilty-as-charged!


What Discount Protocol Applies to YOU?

Let’s communicate and find out! Even if your profession doesn't fall into either our Class A or Class B, we do in fact have a Class C that is pretty broad-based. As just one example, if you might happen to donate to one of our approved charities, we would actually be willing to discount your wedding videography by an amount of up to 100 percent of your qualified charitable contribution amount!* (Certain limitations apply. Speak with us for details.) Hence we would, in effect, be funding your donation to your chosen charity, but YOU would retain any applicable income tax benefit/deduction for qualified charities pursuant to or contingent upon federal and/or state income tax laws, of course.** If you may wish to see if your favorite charities happen to be on our approved list, click below: 

* Happy Tears will unilaterally determine, on a case-by-case basis, a given couple’s eligibility for the herein Aggressive Discount Protocol. Once a couple is deemed eligible for a subject discount, the amount of the subject discount will be calculated. For Class C couples, in particular, the subject discount could be minimal, or quite substantial, depending on the subject couple’s situation. **Pertaining to the herein-referenced income tax benefits/deductions, let it be understood that we, at Happy Tears, are NOT rendering any sort of professional financial and/or tax advice, as we are not professing to be a financial entity, such as a CPA, Tax Planner, Investment Advisor, or anything of those sorts. For any financial advice, whatsoever, we encourage our couples to seek said advice/guidance from a properly-credentialed source, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), an Income Tax Attorney, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), or even the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) itself. We, at Happy Tears, therefore, are not liable for any financial/income tax decision(s) that anyone might make. 
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