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We are passionate in our support of those who protect and serve! For them, it’s a thankless job at times. We want to change that by giving them! It is the very least we can do to help those who have the bravery and selflessness to help all of us on a daily basis!


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We strive for excellence – every time.
Here's just a few things people have been saying about our services.

Brooke, PA

John was extremely attentive to me and my husband. He wanted to make sure everything was perfect for our video. He contacted us several times prior to our wedding to get all the details. It definitely helped that he has an easy going personality and is a bit of a comedian. We enjoyed talking and working with John. Our video was absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. I was able to relive my wedding day. He captured so many details that I missed. As a bride, you are rushed around and miss a lot of what's going on around you. John made sure to include everything in our video. If you are thinking about writing letters to each other prior to the ceremony, ask John for different ideas. My husband is private and did not want me to read the letter he had written out loud. John had an amazing idea to record our voices for the video, so as I read the letter silently you could hear my husband's voice reading it. That was a great idea and really put a sentimental touch in our video. I would highly recommend Happy Tears Videographery to everyone I possibly can. John was like a fly on the wall. You never even knew he was there the whole night. Even my guests said they never realized he was video taping. Everyone feels comfortable with him around and continues to act themselves. John did a great job! I cannot express that enough."

Response from Happy Tears: Brooke! You and Lloyd are an absolutely awesome couple! First and foremost; YOU'RE 'LAW ENFORCEMENT'!!! THAT, in itself, puts you a leg-UP, in terms of the clientele that we LOVE!!! THANK YOU FOR SERVING AND PROTECTING! BLUE LIVES MATTER; BABY!!! Secondly; your review just BLEW US AWAY! IT'S SOOOOOOOO NICE TO BE RECOGNIZED, AND APPRECIATED, TO SUCH A MAGNITUDE! THANK YOU SO SO SO SO MUCH!!! Be safe out there! 

Kirsten, NJ

"I came across Happy Tears at a Bridal Show early-on in our planning process. From the first meeting, John and his crew were so easy to talk to, helpful, approachable, and talented! Before booking, I checked out some of his work and was so pleased to see that Happy Tears covered a wedding that I had attended! Once we decided to move forward with Happy Tears, many phone conversations with John were exchanged where he got to know us as a couple and our unique style. We felt comfortable telling him what we liked and what we didn’t. On the day of our wedding, our videographer, Chris, was wonderful. He was on-time, professional, approachable, and amazing at his job! Our wedding teaser video was ready TWO DAYS LATER and it was AMAZING! Shortly after, our official wedding video was finished and I could not be more happy with it. There is nothing like re-living the best day of your life over and over again. John was personable in his interactions with us and so supportive of our commitment. I could not be more pleased with Happy Tears and our wedding video. Do yourself a favor and choose Happy Tears!"

Response from Happy Tears: Hey Kirsten; WOW! THAT WAS A HEART-FELT REVIEW!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Being in this business is WAY MORE...than ABOUT THE $$$...TO ME; as you know! Achieving my goal, of making my couples feel, about their wedding video production, as YOU DO, as evidenced by your extraordinarily kind words, IS WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT, for me!!! And btw Kirsten, a couple as attractive, as you and Nick, help make that goal more achievable!!! And speaking of "attractive", O...M...G... WHAT A PRETTY BRIDE YOU MADE, KIRSTEN!!! NO JOKE! Chris even actually called me, on his way home from filming the wedding, and he said: "John; you are absolutely going to LOVE THIS BRIDE'S SMILE! I JUST COULDN'T TAKE THE CAMERA OFF OF HER FACE!! I HOPE I DIDN'T GO OVERBOARD ON ALL THE CLOSE-UP'S...OF HER!!" Well; when I received the footage, from Chris, I reached back out to him and said two words: "SPOT-ON"!!! I just went ABSOLUTELY NUTS over all the great footage he shot, I found myself feeling, FOR SURE, that I wanted to have been the one to have been there....but in all honesty, Kirsten; I couldn't have done a better job...!! I told Chris, point-blank, that, with his footage, from your wedding, he "set the bar into a whole new stratosphere" for himself!!! OMG I could go on and on...AND ON....but I'll shut-up now; and just take this opportunity to re-congratulate you and Nick, on your marriage! I'm looking forward to seeing you two, next week, when I deliver your physical product! In the meantime; take care and GOD BLESS!!! :)

Kate, NJ

"I can’t express enough how happy I was with Happy Tears Productions. John Rink (owner) is a true professional and passionate about his craft. John has excellent communication skills and walks you through the various stages of the video planning for your wedding. He is always available to answer any questions and has the biggest heart. For me, my wedding video was one of the most important aspects of wedding planning because your wedding video will allow you and your family & friends to see all aspects of your wedding day. These are memories that are PRICELESS. John & his team are so professional. We had Jacquline & Joe who were able to capture all the wedding day moments in a very indiscreet way. The drone footage of the Cape May beachfront was just breathtaking! I can’t say enough wonderful things about John & his team. This is absolutely a vendor that you can depend on."

Response from Happy Tears: Hey Kate! Thank you, so much, for that awesome review; AND THANK YOU TO YOUR MOM FOR HIRING US HERE AT HAPPY TEARS, in the first place!!! As you know; your Mom and I worked together, toward your wedding day, quite a bit, before you and I actually got acquainted. I could tell, from day-one, how PERFECT your Mom wanted your wedding day to be, and I assured her that MY GOAL WAS MUTUAL, AND THAT I WOULD IN FACT MAKE SUCH COME TO FRUITION (as you now know). ;-) Being a parent of 2 adults, and a grandparent of 4 amazing grandchildren, I immediately related to how you are the apple of your Mother's eye, Kate! Now; fast-forward to after the wedding, and the completion of your wedding video production, whereby I can say: "GOAL ACHIEVED", or probably even more appropriately put: "DREAM REALIZED", RIGHT?!? ;-) Bottom Line, Kate: You and Dan are going to have an amazing life together! I totally know it! And btw; you get the Happy Tears "Cutest Couple Award", for 2020!!!!!!!


Bring on the Happy Tears!
Preserve all the Wedding Moments that Give You Happy Tears –
in a Gorgeous Wed
ding Video.

An elegant occasion calls for an elegant video. Do you prefer documentary style, cinema style, or traditional/vintage style wedding productions? From day one, upon making your acquaintance, we will work with you to make the dream vision of your video come true. We want to keep those happy tears on your wedding day preserved forever – in a beautiful keepsake production, tailored to your desires.

We don't just work
for you...we work with you!



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