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There's Something About Molly!     

One, of the many things, that makes Molly a special client (and now a friend) is that SHE came up with the name Happy Tears! Happy Tears Productions was, formerly, Budget Videography, but our steadily-increasing success, necessitated a name change, and throughout the process of helping Molly with the actual planning of her wedding, she blurted out "How about 'Happy Tears'?" one day!  And that was it!  So; once again, "Thank you, Molly!"  Every Bride we encounter, just loves the name, and we do too!!
John Rink - Creator of Happy Tears! 
And our statement, of gratitude, to Molly, wouldn't be complete, without also thanking Molly's cousin, Eileen, whose wedding we previously filmed, and subsequently Eileen had highly recommended us, to Molly!  So; Thank you, once again, Eileen! We love you, too!!

And while we're at it, meet Becky & C.J. too!  We were also referred, to them, by Eileen!  Is this great, or what??  We love all the referrals that we continually receive, especially when they are as sweet as Becky, C.J., their dog 'Bear', and their entire family!  For all of that...we are eternally grateful, to Eileen and other clients like her!

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